Sunday classes added to the March schedule

Evolution Fitness has added three Sunday classes during the month of March: Pilates, Cardio/Core and Kettlebell Class.

Join Courtney for Pilates on Sunday, March 4 at 12:15 p.m.

Pilates is a low impact class focused on improving core strength, increasing flexibility and toning the entire body. Pilates is challenging.  It will sculpt your body and increase agility in your every day movements. Roll out your mat and let’s work for a solid 45 minutes!

Join Courtney for Cardio/Core on Sunday, March 11 at 12:15 p.m.   This 45 minute high Intensity Interval training forces you to go all-out; 100% maximum exertion.  You will torch calories through quick, intense bursts of exercise geared toward keeping your heart rate up.  High intensity interval training is followed by a core specific exercises to strengthen your core.   Modifications can be made to suit any fitness level.  This class is 45 minutes.

Join Courtney for Kettlebell Class on Sunday, March 18 at 12:15 p.m.  A kettlebell is a weight made of cast iron.  It looks somewhat like a cannonball with a handle! Kettlebells mix several types of training using dynamic moves targeting almost every aspect of fitness; endurance, strength, balance, agility, and cardio endurance. Challenging and efficient, and you only need one piece of equipment for a total work out in 45 minutes.

The classes are included in “unlimited classes” memberships. “Gym Only” members can pay $5 to participate. Your key will allow you secure access to the gym.

Non-members pay $10 for a day pass. (Non-members need to sign a waiver and make arrangements for gym entry by calling 219.232.4918. For security reasons, members are not permitted to allow access to non-members.)

Find the entire class schedule at