Try Evolution Fitness for three months for $99.99; add an additional three months for a total of only $9.99.

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For those of you who don’t want to get locked into a long term commitment: Try Evolution Fitness for three months for $99.99. If you like it, get three more months for a total of only $9.99.  The offer is valid through 11/21/18 and is for new members only.

Enjoy 24 hour gym access OR class access (Winfield only) at Evolution Fitness for $99.99 for three months.

A one-time $30 secure access key is required.  The key allows 24 hour access to all three locations:  Cedar Lake, Lowell and Winfield.

The cost after the special offer is redeemed is $139.99 for six months of membership when pre-payment is made.  We have no initiation fees and no annual maintenance fees.  See all membership options here.

Visit to learn more about the gym.

Call 219.232.4918 for a tour of the gym or to take advantage of the Fall Special offer.

The first three months get you through the holidays—the second three months gets you to Spring Break!