Matt Kole, Personal Trainer


Evolution Fitness is excited to announce Matt Kole has joined the fitness team as a personal trainer.

Matt majored in Physical Education and minored in General Science at Illinois College Jacksonville in Illinois.  He is a certified personal trainer.

“I am very familiar with different techniques and requirements to achieve different goals in health and fitness,” Matt said.  “My classes in college in health, science, and nutrition, my ACE certification, coaching, and personal fitness goals have made me well-rounded both mentally and physically on how to individualize different methods of training.”

While coaching track,  he implemented running and strength workouts specific to individuals during season. Over the summer,  he would work with athletes to meet specific goals.  “During my five year coaching tenure, I coached nine All-Conference relays, three conference champion relays, three All-State relays, 14 All-Conference individuals, six conference champions, 16 state qualifiers and nine All-State athletes to their success,” he said.  He created specific workouts and weight training programs to increase athletic performance, strength, speed, and agility.

Matt assisted basketball, track, and soccer teams with strength training programs.  Matt is knowledgeable about Olympic, power, compound, and isolation lifting techniques.

New members receive two free training sessions with their Evolution Fitness membership. Interested in training with Matt?  Call or text 815.823.2490 to set up an appointment.