Jeanne Fastero

After having her third child, Jeanne Fastero was motivated to get back into shape.  She took several classes and fell in love with aerobics.  “Aerobic classes gave me the opportunity to achieve my fitness goals and gave me the confidence I was looking for after having my children,” said Jeanne.  “I joined Omni in Schererville.  I was fortunate to be surrounded by people who encouraged me to become an instructor. I was so grateful for the opportunity, and it has been my passion since I first started attending aerobic classes.”

Jeanne became an instructor in 1987.  She was certified in 1990 by AAFA.  She became a certified personal trainer in 1995.  Like all Evolution Fitness staff members, she is certified in CPR.

Jeanne started with Evolution Fitness when it first opened in June of 2014. However, this May will mark 12 years she has taught in the Winfield gym.  (She started with Fitness One in May  of 2006, then Fuel Fitness, and now Evolution Fitness.)

“I love Evolution Fitness because of the flexibility they allow me in my classes. I can make changes to my classes to accommodate my members,” Jeanne said.  “I love the convenient location, the cleanliness, and the amazing club members.  We have a great class schedule that meets all levels of fitness.   Someone considering joining Evolution Fitness should come in and see the club. They should take advantage of the complimentary guest days. Come try our classes.  The best way to see the club is to come use it.  They won’t be disappointed.”

Jeanne teaches every week day, Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. at Evolution Fitness.

She customizes her classes by selecting the music that she choreographs for her low impact classes and the REPS class.  “I do not buy into any trademarked classes,” said Jeanne.  “This gives me more control over my classes and assures my classes are specifically designed for the people who attend my class.”

All of Jeanne’s classes start with a proper warm up and end with a proper cool down.  There are never, ever, contraindicated or unsafe moves. “I always follow AFAA guidelines. Safety is the most important component in the design and format of my classes.  Only after that do I add the fun music,” said Jeanne.

“I’ve been teaching along time.  I still cue my class; something you don’t see very often in group exercise classes anymore.  However, I pride myself on cueing a class all members can follow,” she said.  “I can assure members the movements in my class have smooth, safe transitions allowing right and left leads for muscle balance.”

“Fitness in even more important to me now than when I first became an instructor,” said Jeanne.  “As we age, the benefits of exercising will help improve our lives by preventing many of the issues that people become prone to; diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, etc. It’s important to understand exercise doesn’t guarantee we will live a long life; we exercise for the quality of the life we are living now.  That is so important!”

“I have had the opportunity to meet amazing people,” said Jeanne.  “Being an instructor allows me to educate my class on the proper way to exercise in and outside the aerobic room.  The more you can educate someone on fitness, the more they understand how important it is to make it a part of their daily life.”

Jeanne has two daughters and one son.  Her oldest daughter and her family live in Phoenix AZ.  Her sons live locally. My son is an active member of Evolution Fitness.  Jeanne is a a proud grandma;  babysitting and spending time with her grandchildren fill up a lot of her free time.

Jeanne enjoys traveling.  Her favorite country to visit is Italy.  Jeanne spends free time trying to learn Italian and reading articles on the different regions of Italy.