Jenny Lewandowski-Banach

Jenny teaches Sampati Yoga on Tuesdays at 9 a.m at Evolution Fitness in Winfield.

She has been a certified Yoga instructor for four years.  She participated in three years of teacher training with Mike at “The Yoga Room.”

Jenny has two sons who serve and protect in the military and police force; she wanted to give back through the gift of Yoga.  “All of the classes I teach are strictly volunteer.  It my sons can sacrifice their lives and safety, I too, want to give of myself.”

“I love helping people achieve the numerous benefits of Yoga.  Yoga heals, restores and helps alleviate stress and anxiety.  She hopes class participants feel wonderful, both mentally and physically, after each class.

“I have found so many benefits from Yoga.  I had three specialists tell me to take Yoga because of the stress on my body due to worrying about my sons.  I finally listened.  I wanted to give this gift to all; especially military and law enforcement families,” she said.  “I am always available to teach our military and law enforcement.”

Jenny loves the atmosphere of Evolution Fitness.  “Everyone is friendly,” she said.  ” It’s not overcrowded.  Unlike many gyms, we don’t have long waits for machines.  It’s also clean!” she said.

In addition to teaching at Evolution Fitness, Jenny teaches at St. Anthony’s Assisted Living and The Yoga Room.

In her free time, Jenny enjoys hiking, biking and reading.

Like all Evolution Fitness staff and instructors, she is certified in CPR.